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How to Enroll


You must be a member of Government Employees Association to enroll in the supplement insurance plan. Government Employees Association membership dues are $24 per year. If you are already a member of Government Employees Association please include your Member/Association ID# on the Enrollment Form for verification purposes. If you are not a member of Government Employees Association, you must apply for membership. You can join Government Employees Association and enroll for insurance at the same time.

Enrollment Instructions

  1. Complete the Enrollment Form ; sign and date where indicated.

  2. If applicable, complete the Government Employees Association membership application;
    sign and date where indicated.

  3. Include your first quarterly payment with your completed Enrollment Form.
    a) Quarterly premium rates are provided in the Insurance Premium Rate Chart.
    b) If you are also applying for Government Employees Association membership, please add your
    first quarterly membership dues payment in the amount of $24 to your check total.

  4. Make your check payable to:
    Government Employees Association Group Health Program

    For future premium insurance payments, be sure to complete the
    Automatic Payment Option Form.

  5. Mail your completed Enrollment Form, Government Employees Association membership application
    (if applicable),
    Automatic Payment Option Form. and quarterly payment to:

    Tricare Supplement Plan
    P.O. Box 3246
    Pensacola, FL 32516


  6. If you prefer, we now offer convenient, Online Enrollment
    Click on the link below to enroll Online.

30 Day Free Look

You cannot be turned down for coverage, although a pre-existing condition may initially limit the extent of your coverage. After your completed Enrollment Form and first premium payment have been processed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Insurance which you can examine for a 30 day free look. Return it for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Plan Administrator

Selman & Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, has marketed and administered life and health insurance products to members of associations and affinity groups, customers of financial institutions, and employees through their employers for over 30 years. Selman & Company is among the largest privately held firms in the nation with focus on the markets it serves.

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