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Competitively-Priced Premiums

As a member, you benefit from your organization’s mass purchasing power,making the rates for this valuable coverage more affordable. What’s more, theinsurance company guarantees you’ll never be singled out for a rate increase, no matterhow many claims you file! (1)

Insurance Premium Rate Chart (Premiums shown are per person)
Age of Retiree, Spouse, Widow/er, Former Spouse
First-Year Quarterly Rate*
(includes 6% discount(2))
Base Rate Quarterly Rate
(after 12 months (2))
Under 40
$ 78.96
$ 84.00
$ 84.60
$ 90.00
$ 94.94
$ 101.00
$ 119.38
$ 127.00  
$ 150.40
$ 160.00  
$ 166.38
$ 177.00  
Each child
$ 62.98
$ 67.00

*First-year discounted rates are not available to insureds in OH or KY.

(1) Rates and/or benefits are based on the attained age of the Insured Person. Rates and/or benefits may be changed on a class basis. Plan or rate changes may be subject to final approval by the applicable regulatory authorities.

(2) Members receive a 6% rate discount during their first twelve months of coverage. There are no other discounts. After the 12th month, the rates go up 6%.

Your Payment Options
Please note: You also may have the option of paying your premiums once a year (annually), twice a year (semi-annually), or four times a year (quarterly). If you pay your premiums monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, the total amount of premiums and/or administration fees that you pay in a year may be higher than if you make one annual payment. If you are interested in learning more about these payment options, please refer to your fulfillment package for details.

Change of Policy Premiums
We have the right on each Premium Due Date to change the rate at which premiums will be calculated. This includes the right to change premium rates for a benefit that applies to all individuals of the same class, age, plan and effective date. Rates may be changed based on claims experience of the Policy. We will give the Policyholder or Organization notice of any change at least 45 days before the Premium Due Date on which it is to become effective.

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